Beginner & First Time
Fishing Trips

New to Fishing? Try Beginner Friendly Fishing Trip

Are you looking for a fun and challenging fishing experience? If so, then charter fishing on Hilton Head Island is just what you are looking for! With Tail Tamer Charters, you can enjoy a beginner-friendly experience while catching some of the biggest fish in the area. We provide all the equipment and bait you’ll need, and we offer both beginner-friendly and first time fishing trips.

Beginner Bottom
Fishing Trip (Minimum 4 Hours)

This trip is perfect for Children and Adults who are new to Saltwater Fishing. We will run as far as 5 miles off the Coast to an artificial reef. Here we will be doing mostly Catch and Release on a variety of smaller bottom species such as Black Sea Bass, Whiting, Croaker, Black Drum, etc. These particular spots generally produce a very active Juvenile bite, but on occasion we will pull a legal size fish up.

This is a perfect time to test the waters and see how you fare on the ocean. Sea Sickness is a very unique thing to every individual, some get it and some don’t. Do not be afraid to test the waters. With your communication and your Captain’s experience in recognizing the early signs of sea sickness, we can quickly fall back to Calmer waters.